H2H Update May 2012

Love all that you see—with humility;
Live all that you feel—with reverence;
Know all that you possess—with discipline.

(from “The Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman”, H. Wesselman)


  • H2H Apr 2012 Quiche, Guatemala Wraps Up
  • H2H Aug 2012 Iquitos, Peru Open for Sign Up
  • H2H Dec 2012 Peten, Guatemala Open for Sign Up

Special greetings to all those students and practitioners whom we met at the ICCM conference in Tel Aviv in March and the AAAOM Student conference in Chicago last week! Welcome!

Quiche, Guatemala Wraps Up

Our group of acupuncturists, Reiki masters, and students was warmly welcomed by the Qanil Women and Coban Women last week. Continue reading

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H2H Update April 2012

Ready, Set, Quiché!


  • Warm Words from the Qanil Women’s Group
  • H2H Aug 2012 Iquitos, Peru Takes Form
  • H2H Dec 2012 Peten, Guatemala Awaits You! 

Warm Words from the Qanil Women

The latest email from Paulina confirming our visit this month to Quiché, Guatemala arrived yesterday. Here is her original message in Spanish; the English translation follows:
Continue reading

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H2H Update March 2012

Spring has almost sprung; at least in New York!

Content below:

  • H2H Quiche, Guatemala, April 2012 Trip—confirming details
  • Three Promotional Trips! (to Hawai’i, Tel Aviv, Chicago)
  • Another International Article (from Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • 2012 trip reminders (to Iquitos, Peru and Peten, Guatemala!)

H2H Quiche, Guatemala: April 18-28, 2012

Paulina and Magdalena emailed me this week confirming the communities’ readiness to welcome Healer2Healer’s team of dedicated acupuncturists and Reiki teachers, practitioners, and students! The surrounding communities of Zacualpa and Nebaj especially have been abuzz. They find it now more prudent to host the community clinics again in Quiche town rather than the hinterlands of Zacualpa as Continue reading

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H2H Update Feb 2012

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines day!

Content below:

  • H2H Zaculpa, Guatemala, April 2012 Trip-more details
  • 2012 Trip Reminders

H2H Zacualpa, Guatemala: April 18-28, 2012

The indigenous women of Quiche, known as the Qanil Maya Womens Group (Grupo de  Mujeres  Mayas  Qanil), are preparing to host the Healer2Healer team in Zacualpa. This community lies in the Guatemalan Highlands of the Departamento del Quiche, Guatemala, Central America. Continue reading

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H2H Update Jan 2012

Wishing you all the best for 2012 and for Chinese Year of the Dragon!

Content below:

  • The “Secret” Mayan New Year and the Cosmic Event
  • H2H 2012 Schedule: Guatemala and Peru
  • Needle Drive and Related links of interest

Some Mayans in Guatemala will be celebrating next month their new Solar Calendar, which is not the same calendar that has the 12/21/12 end-date (mentioned below).  There are more than 20 different Mayan calendars. The Solar Calendar has 18 months with 20 days, plus an additional month consisting of 5 days. Continue reading

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H2H Update Dec 2011

The incomparable, late-70’s icon Patti Smith (“Because the Night”) rocked the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art last Friday night. I was awestruck by this consummate musician; a true performer! Her last set was in honor of the Occupiers (within all of us) now changing the world. Her message was: “Use your voice!”

Our voices are often uttered after someone else speaks up; Continue reading

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Our next H2H trip to Peten-Antigua

Hello H2H Group

Our next H2H trip to Peten-Antigua Guatemala next month is shaping up. You can still join us!
On this trip, we will be joined by a group of Guatemalan participants. More details to follow.

Dec 15-21: Unification Maya ceremonies in Tikal, Peten
Dec 22-23: Protocol and Informational Classes on Community Development (Health and Education) by John van Keppel
Dec 24-25: Holiday and Relaxation in Antigua
Dec 26-30: Community Clinic in Peten
Continue reading

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H2H Informational Presentation and Site

Hello H2H Group!

1. This Friday, 11/11/2011 @ 1pm: Slideshow of Healer2Healer’s clinics-to-date, future plans, and raison d’etre at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-New York. 915 Broadway (btw 20 & 21st) Floor 5, room 6, at 1:00pm. This presentation is at the request of Dr. Olga Reznikova, who is my professor in Clinical Research and Design this term, as Healer2Healer moves toward doing clinical research in indigenous populated areas. All interested in Healer2Healer are welcome to this 40-minute informational presentation by Frederic B Lim. Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to our new web site. Explore. Leave a comment. Get involved!

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