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The highly-anticipated end of the Mayan Calendar ends December 21, 2012. Where will you be? Spend the week leading up to this momentous occasion at the birthplace of the Mayan millennial calendar!

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Healer2Healer combines Unification Maya with the continuation of it's community clinic in Peten, Guatemala. The trip is in two parts, the first part is Unification Maya, which includes traditional Mayan Teaching. Past teachings included Nahual lift path meaning, Sunrise Ceremonies, and healings by Tatas. The second part of the trip is the Healer2Healer clinic in Peten. This includes unforgettable clinic days, 7 NCCAOM CEUs, practice and trainings in acupuncture, H2H protocol, Reiki, auricular, moxa, and cupping. Join us for the Unification Maya, the clinc or both!


Unification Maya

H2H Clinic

  • December 22nd - 25th: Sight-seeing, rest and optional training
  • December 25st - 29th: Clinic days

Fees and Deadlines

Unification Maya: $810

  • 9 nights of accommodations (December 14th - 22nd)
  • Transportation, entry fees, lunches, snacks, water, ceremonies, guides
  • Payment due: October 31st

H2H Clinic: $765

  • 9 nights of accommodations (December 23rd - 30th)
  • Regular meals, minibus transport, and 7 NCCAOM CEUs
  • Payment due: 50% by October 31st, remainder by December 23rd upon check-in

N.A.D.A. Training (optional): $300

  • N.A.D.A. Manual
  • Materials sufficient to sustain ear treatments for about one month
  • An equipment kit which inclides biohazard container for needle disposal, ear-seeds and other supplies to implement auricular acupuncture
  • A Healer2Healer N.A.D.A. Certificate specifying the number of hours of trainging that may be applied toward training in the US
  • Payment due: November 30th

Other exepenses: Travel to and from Guatemala is not covered in the fees.

Travel to and from Peten

Most international flights will be into the Guatemala City airport, La Aurora. The closest airport to Peten is Flores (Mundo Maya International Airport). There are two flights between Guatemala City and Flores, one in the morning and one in the evening. This can be booked on Taca airlines. There is also an overnight Pullman bus that is more economical. The shuttle service for Hotel Gringo Perdido will transport between the Flores airport and the hotel.


You do not need to reserve rooms for Unification Maya or Clinic days, as they will be reserved for you upon payment at the following hotels.

  • Guatemala City: Casa Veranda Mercure Hotel in Zona 10
  • Peten: Hotel Gringo Perdido, Hotel Paraiso, or Sunbreeze

N.A.D.A. Training

There is a special N.A.D.A. training available on this trip. The training will be performed by Julia Raneri, a certified trainer with a program specially designed for the third world and disaster relief contexts.

To sign up, go to the N.A.D.A. training opportunity in Peten page.

Please note (from Anne in Peten):

Should we sell out in Gringo Perdido (looks like a definite possibility) the people who have reserved earliest will be the first ones to be offered rooms at Piramide Paraiso, an $85 per person per night value, for just $15 per person more than in Gringo ($60 per person per night). I’m really looking forward to seeing you all again!! xoxoxo Anne


When are payments due?

Unification Maya: 50% or more due August 31, 2012 / Balance due October 30, 2012 + $150 to cover added costs
H2H Clinic Participation: 50% or more due October 30 + $50 to cover added costs / Balance due December 23, 2012 upon check-in

Percentages vary because some can only arrive after the start time. UM cannot be prorated, but hotel stay can.

It is better to get your payments sent in full by August 31, 2012. Send a check to Healer2Healer to the following address, or PayPal via There is a PayPal surcharge. Let us know how you are paying.
172 5th Ave 5C
New York, NY 10010

What information should I send if I am attending Unification Maya?

Birthday / Birthtime / Mayan Glyph if known / Attending H2H clinic? if so, staying at Gringo Hotel or Sunbreeze?

I am not sure which place I am staying.

During Unificacion Maya, we will all be booked at the Gringo Perdido Hotel. This is because the Nanas and the Tatas (Maya curander@s) will also be there. However, for those who will participate in the H2H clinic, we will be at the Sunbreeze Hotel because it is closer to the clinic.

Do I need to make those reservations?

No, you do not have to make these reservations. The reservations for H2H have been pre-booked since January of this year. Those who have sent me at least a confirmation email and/or a deposit or full-payment have priority to be in the H2H-booked rooms. Those intending to go on this trip, there are other rooms on a “first come basis” in the Hotel Paraiso that are $15/night more. This hotel is right next to Gringo Perdido Hotel on the same property. It is newer and more expensive.

There was no info sent to me about the hotels past what is on the website but no place to reserve a room.

You do not have to reserve a room. It has been done for you per the above explanation. Those who still want to go, it would be best to decide, confirm with information (, and deposit or payment by August 31, 2012.

I sent half of the payment for unification Maya as well as half of the clinic.

This is great. You may now pay the balance of the Unification Maya by Aug 31 without additional cost (see next question) and bring the rest with you (meaning the balance of the H2H clinic) and pay upon check-in at Sunbreeze Hotel. This hotel is closer to the clinic and, because of overwhelming popular demand by the confirmed participants, was chosen because it is less expensive than the Gringo Perdido Hotel.

I am slightly confused about this email. What are the additional costs?

The additional costs for paying the balance of UM and H2H clinic on October 30, 2012 account for the bank transfer and processing fees that our correspondent (Anne) will incur when she withdraws the wire from her Guatemalan bank account + the banking fees that H2H will incur + the $15/night at the Hotel Paraiso for those who have not paid any deposit or full-payment yet.

Regarding the arrival and return, do we show up on the 14th and where do we go?

If you are attending Unificacion Maya, plan to arrive on December 13th by plane or bus because the orientation day begins the morning of December 14th (around 9 or 10am).

Some of you have opted to take the overnight bus from Guatemala City the night of December 13th. This will save you a night’s stay when you arrive December 14th at 7am in Flores. You will be picked up there by Gringo Perdido Hotel shuttle service. They try their best to group pickups or they will charge you $25 more because it is considered “private”. This might happen if you can attend after the start day of December 14th.

The plane from Guatemala City to Flores Airport leaves around 6am and 6pm. Plan accordingly and let me know if you want H2H to make this booking through Anne as you might not be able to do so online. Again, upon arriving at the Flores Airport you will be picked up there by Gringo Perdido Hotel shuttle service. They try their best to group pickups or they will charge you $25 more because it is considered “private”. This might happen if you attend after the start day of December 14th.

For those who are staying through the H2H Clinic, the last day of hotel in Peten is the 29th. Book a return flight or bus accordingly to Guatemala to spend the night of the 30th in Guatemala City if you choose to depart on the 31st or after. If your international departure is on Dec 31st or after, one night stay is included at the Casa Veranda Hotel Mercure in Zone 10, Guatemala City. It is the H2H hotel of choice. H2H teams have been cordially welcomed there since August 2010. If you leave from Flores or another city back to the U.S., the night before your departure is also covered by what your pay to H2H.

Should I worry about the airports or bus stations in Guatemala being a bit shady?

Travelers’ experiences differ. Guatemala’s Aurora International Airport is brand-spanking new. It is a beautiful airport and is very much the pride of the Guatemalan people. As such, it is well-maintained and secure. But, please do not leave the airport doors without the team.

The Flores Airport is also very well-maintained but smaller and very tourist-oriented because their livelihood depends on your having a good experience.

The Flores bus station is a bus station. Please use defensive travel tactics and normal precautions. Arriving at 7am, you will be among the other locals and tourists who use this reliable and cheaper mode of transportation.

For updated announcements, please refer to the website,, on Facebook, and Twitter.

Great! We are looking forward to seeing you in Guatemala! Thank you for your continuing support.


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